| Cotton Ropes Enquiry
Manufacturers and Exporters of Ropes, Twines, Cordage, Tapes/Newar, Wicks and Packing Threads
Ropes, Twines, Cordage, Tapes/Newar, Wicks, Packing Threads
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Cotton Ropes Enquiry

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45 Meters Rolls Number of Rolls
4mm x 4 ply
5mm x 3 ply
6mm x 4 ply
7mm x 4 ply
8mm x 3 ply
10mm x 3 ply
12mm x 3 ply
14mm x 3 ply
16mm x 3 ply
18mm x 3 ply
20mm x 3 ply
22mm x 3 ply
24mm x 3 ply
32mm x 3 ply
37mm x 3 ply
48mm x 3 ply