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Cotton Twines are an ideal choice for macrame, mop heads, book binding, cooking and tobacco twine. Jute twine is used mostly for gardening and PP Twine for bale packing/stitching.
Cotton Twine, Jute Twine, Garden Twine, PP Twine, Plastic Twine, Cooking Twine, Tobacco Twine, Bailing Twine
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Cotton Twines


Cotton Twine: is made from cotton yarn twisted according to specifications and requirement. The count of yarn used in our cotton twine depends on the specs, application and/or clients demand.

6 Ball Pack of Cotton Twine with Pink Label


Cotton Twines are an ideal choice for packing as well as other in-home applications; sizes range from 0.5 mm up till 4 mm diameter. Some common applications of cotton twine include macrame, mop heads, book binding, cooking, bale packing/stitching and tobacco twine which is used for tying and hanging tobacco leaves for curing.

Cotton Twine Made From 10s Count Yarn


Polished Cotton Twine: is also known as Butcher’s Twine, Kitchen Twine or Cooking Twine. Kitchen twine must made from be a non-toxic food grade material, since it will be in such close contact with raw foods.

Polished Cotton Twine Box

Our cooking twine is made from 100% Cotton via a natural starching process that uses only maize or tapioca starch. This ensures that the product is safe for use in edible or food-grade applications. We supply polished cotton twines in small, easy-to-use boxes as well as larger, individually shrink-wrapped spools.

Polished Cotton Shop Twine Reels

Jute Twines


Jute “Garden Green” Twine: is made from Natural as well as Green Dyed Yarn that comes from our mills near Kolkatta (Calcutta) in East India. It is easy to handle due to its soft texture and good knot holding capability.


Green Jute twine is ideal for gardening due to its good tying strength and due to the fact that its moss green colour blends well with plants.


Natural Jute Twine: is mostly used in arts, crafts, parcel and other general purpose packaging.


Available in 2/3/4/5 ply twist in Natural Brown as well as Dyed Green colour and is attractively packaged with each centre drawn spool labeled and bar coded.

Natural Green Jute Twine Balls Reel

All our Jute is 100% biodegradable.

Polypropylene Twines


Our Polypropylene or P.P. twine comes in a variety of colours and can be packaged in several different forms such as reels, balls etc.


P.P rope is actually stronger in wet weather than dry and retains its shape when stretched, bent or flexed.


PP Twine is ideal for heavy duty tying and binding applications such as baling due to greater strength as compared to cotton or jute.