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The main types of braided ropes or braided cords, are solid braid and hollow braid which is also known as Diamond braid or Maypole braid.
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Types Of Cordage


Also known as Braided ropes or braided cords, cordage products are constructed on machinery using 8, 12, 16, 24, 32 or 48 spindles, depending on size and requirement.

Cotton Braided Cord Reel Dyed Black Cotton Cord Piece


The main types of braided cord construction are as follows:


Solid braid: is a very firm round rope that works extremely well in blocks and pulleys. Its name refers to the special lock-stitch construction of the rope. Solid braid rope is extremely strong and cannot be unravelled, even when cut. It is one of the sturdiest types of rope, but cannot be spliced.


Hollow braid: is also known as Diamond braid or Maypole braid. It is constructed of 8, 12, or 16 strands with a hollow center. Diamond braid is the simplest type of braided rope, in which the ends are woven together tightly. Most diamond braid has a solid core, but some is coreless. An outstanding characteristic of this construction is its ability to be spliced in just seconds.


Our braided cords are made from:


Piping Cord:
is a braided rope with a cotton core. Due to its consistent round finish, piping cord is most commonly used mostly in lining sofas, mattresses and other soft furnishing accessories such as curtains and other upholstery. Piping Cord comes in sizes ranging from 5mm up till 10mm and is available in hank and reel format.

Cotton Piping Cord


Sash cord: Sash windows are found most often in Georgian and Victorian houses. They are mostly counterweighted so that they can be operated easily. Sashes are hung on cotton or jute cords which pass over pulleys and connect to weights concealed within the weight boxes in the hollow sides of the case.


Sash Cord is a braided rope attached to either side of a sliding window sash, having balancing weights (sash weights) so that the window can be raised or lowered easily.


– Cotton Sash Cord is made using a polycore (polypropylene) beneath the cotton covering. The cord is then waxed to make it weatherproof, durable and smooth.


– Braided sash cord makes an excellent clothes line when wax finished. This range of waxed clothes lines are supplied in randed hank form, with 4 or 8 hanks each of 12.5 metres joined together. Custom lengths are also available upon request.


Wicks: Depending on size and application, there are hundreds of different types of wicks which can be made with or without a metal core. For an in-depth look at our range of wicks please visit our wicks page.



Jute Sash Cord: is a relatively heat resistant cord and can withstand wear and tear for longer than cotton. It comes with a PP core and waxed finish for increased durability and ease of use.

Types of Jute Braided Cord


Jute tape: is made from fine jute yarn and is available in a variety of colours. Its flat shape makes it an ideal choice for several decorative as well as practical applications such as carry bag handles, parcel/gift packing and fashion accessories such as belts etc.


2Types Of Jute Tapes Plain Gold Tipped



Nylon Braided Cord: Smaller sizes are available in different colours such as grey, brown etc. Applications include blinds, picture hanging, jewellery and automotive.

Nylon Braided Cord in Assorted Sizes


Double braided thick nylon cord is commonly used for dock lines.

Nylon Sealing Band 31mm
Nylon Sealing Band: (Pictured Above) contains a solid nylon core covered with braided nylon strands and is meant for specialty use in textile industry.