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We currently offer candle wicks and stove wicks; our candle wicks are available with an option of copper, zinc or fibre glass core for a longer burn.
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Types Of Wicks


Wicks are strips of porous material from which liquid fuel is drawn upwards by capillary action towards the flame in a candle, lamp, stove or lighter.


Wicks are made when bundle of (mostly) cotton fibers are twisted, braided or knitted together. These fibers absorb the fuel and carry it to the flame by capillary action. The two main types of wicks we currently offer are candle wicks and stove wicks.


Candle Wicks: are made from 10’s and 20’s count yarn, braided and packed in spool or ball form. Our candle wicks are also available with copper, zinc or fibre glass core.

Cotton Braided Candle Wicks

Stove Wicks: are hollow braided from 6’s count cotton yarn and come in a standard 5 mm size.

Cotton Candle Wicks & Cotton Stove Wicks in assorted packaging

The wicks are cut into pieces, each piece measuring about 18 inches in length and 50 such pieces are bound together with a fine thread. The packing is designed such that the wicks are easy to remove and ready for use.