| History of GJRopes.com | G.J. Rassiwalla Rope Co. India’s Premier Manufacturer and Exporter of Ropes, Twines, Cordage, Tapes, Wicks and Packing Threads
In 1912, Mr. Gulamhusein Jafferbhai Rassiwalla started trading in ropes and twines in Central Bombay; in 1919 we started manufacturing ropes and twines under the name G.J.Rassiwalla Rope Factory.
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Starting off as cotton waste dealers, our founder, Mr. Gulamhusein Jafferbhai Rassiwalla started the company trading in ropes and twines from a humble warehouse at Nagpada in the Byculla area of Central Bombay.



We shifted to at a newly setup plant near our old warehouse situated on Clare Road in the heart of Bombay where we began manufacturing ropes and twines made from cotton and jute under the name G.J.Rassiwalla Rope Factory.

Thereafter, we diversified into the production and wholesale distribution of braided cords, tapes and newar made from cotton, jute, silk and other fibers for local and domestic buyers.



After the demise of our founder, his son Hasanali Gulamhusein Rassiwalla opened up our company’s first retail outlet at Mohammed Ali Road situated near the iconic Crawford Market which is still the epicenter of the country’s local and domestic market.
Our Sales Outlet on Mohammedali Road



Mr. Rassiwalla acquired land in Panvel near the Bombay Puna Highway and constructed a braiding factory with state of the art machinery to further expand our range of offerings and scale of operations. A few years later he also setup the company’s first in-house cotton spinning mill to augment our rapidly growing demand for raw material.
Our Sales Outlet at MG Road Panvel



After the sudden demise of Mr. Hasanali Gulamhusein Rassiwalla, his sons Gulamabbas and Gulamhyder Hasanali Rassiwalla took control at the helm of the business and acquired our company’s first overseas order.



Our first consignment of skipping ropes was shipped out to W. Martin & Co. in the U.K., making us one of India’s first rope exporters.



We completed 75 years in existence while continuing to expand our retail, wholesale and export operations and marked this milestone with a tribute to our founders in the country’s leading regional language newspaper, Bombay Samachar.
Tribute To Our Founders Bombay Samachar 11th October 1988



In order to service the needs of a growing base of local, domestic and global buyers, we continued operations under the name G.J.Rassiwalla Rope Co. and launched our website www.GJRopes.com to showcase our products and connect with clients online.



In our centenary year, we also marked the beginning of our internet business operations as Mr. Gulamhyder’s son Sibtain successfully fulfilled the company’s first online order.
Our Sales Outlet on Mohammedali Road



We continued to grow our physical, web and social media presence while servicing individual and business clients through a global supply network in local, domestic and global markets such as Australia, New Zealand, U.K., U.S.A. as well as Central America, parts of the Middle East and Africa.



We launched www.BattleRopesIndia.com to cater to the rapidly growing demand of the sports/fitness industry, a first of its kind website with a focus on products custom-designed for use in recreational activities such as BattleRopes, CrossFit® Ropes, Yoga Ropes/Belts, Tug-O-War Ropes and more.


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