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Our ropes, twines and cordage are twisted and/or braided using natural as well as synthetic fibres such as cotton, jute and silk, nylon, PP and HDPE.
Ropes, Twines, Cordage, Tapes, Wicks, Packing Threads, cotton ropes, cotton twines, nylon rope
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Our Products


Our products are made from natural fibres as well as synthetic fibres such as cotton, jute and silk, nylon, PP and HDPE.

We specialize in quality ropes, twines and cordage twisted and/or braided as per our clients’ specifications.

twine ropes
Our core advantage lies in the fact that depending on requirements, we utilize everything from labour-intensive manual methods to cutting edge techniques to produce goods that are unmatched in terms of quality, durability and strength.

Polypropylene Hammock


Applications range from the simple such as hammocks, tent rope, skipping rope, climbing rope, sports/safety nets and packing thread to the more complex such as bridge rope, candle wicks with fibre glass or metal wire core, high resistance nylon sealing bands and food grade cooking twine.


Polypropylene Hammock

Featured Rope Products: Products that can be made using our ropes include this table lamp, made using high grade Manila Rope and the Cat Scratching Post which is made from export quality Jute Braided Sash Cord.

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